Study Rooms

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Group Study Room Reservation Policies and Procedures

  1. The group study rooms are intended for current student academic use.
  2. RESERVATIONS HAVE PRIORITY. If you are using a room and do not have a reservation, you must leave when asked by a group that has a valid reservation. Click the links above to make a reservation.
  3. Please arrive on time to use your room. You will have a 10 minute grace period. If your group is not present within 10 minutes of the start of your reserved time, another group may use the room.
  4. On any calendar day, you may reserve a maximum of TWO HOURS.  Please be considerate of other users and reserve no more time than you will actually need.
  5. Priority use is given to GROUPS OF TWO or more. If you are alone in a room you may be asked to relocate in order to accommodate a group of two or more.
  6. The group rooms are very popular so please cancel your reservation if you will not be using the space.  To do so, simply click the link provided in your room booking confirmation e-mail.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Group Study Rooms, our policies, or the online reservation system, please contact the librarian