Subject Guide on Bible Timelines and Church History

Guide to Library Resources on Bible Timelines, and Church History

(For HI 202 History of Christianity)

Compiled by Zachary Orosco

This guide is to help students in the formation of their History of Christianity and historical timelines in preparation of Professor Larry D. Powers’ course. It contains various resources in the Flint Memorial NHCC Library. Similar resources are often available in public libraries or other Christian college libraries. Note: This guide is not intended to be an exhaustive list of every resource our library has, but is a starting point to go further along in your research.

Format: Call Number the title of resource / Author or editor [Interesting fact about resource]

For further resources on Timelines and charts, try searching for these additional keywords into the search box on Athena or in any of our internet databases.

  • Timeline
  • Charts
  • Church history–Handbooks, manuals, etc.
  • Chronology, Ecclesiastical–Handbooks, manuals, etc.
  • Bible–Handbooks, manuals, etc.
  • Bible–Geography–Maps.


NOTE: These resources are for library use only

R 220.61 Z87   Zondervan Handbook to the Bible  [Contains lots of visual aids and pictures]

R 230 Z87m Zondervan Handbook of Christian Beliefs/ McGrath, Allister  [Contains lots of visual aids and pictures]

R 270 B167 The Baker Atlas of Christian History

R 270 E26 Eerdman’s Handbook to the History of Christianity/ Dowley, Tim

R 270.02 B784c A Chronology of World Christianity/ Bowden, John

R 270.03 W532 The Westminster Dictionary of Church History/ Brauer, Jerald

R 270.092 G786 Great Leaders of the Christian Church/ Woodbridge. John D.   [Great information on different leaders and people in Church history]

R 270.82 N532b International Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements/ Stanley M. Burgess  [Contains information pertaining to the Pentecostal historical movement]


Charts and maps

220.9 N432 Nelson’s complete book of Bible maps and charts/ Thomas Nelson Publishers

270.02 W241c Chronological and background charts of church history/ Walton, Robert C.  [Useful resource that has colorful and informational history charts]


History of Christianity and Christian Church (270’s)

270.C136c Christianity Through the Centuries/ Cairns, Earle E.

270 E19p Perspectives from church history/ Eckman, James P.

270 F352c v. 1  Church History/ Ferguson, Everett

270 G643c Church History: An Essential Guide/ Gonzalez, Justo L.

270 g643e v. 1 & 2 The Story of Christianity/ Gonzalez, Justo L.  [Both volumes have a wealth of information on historical facts]

270H646 Zondervan Handbook to the History of Christianity/ Hill, Jonathan

270 I61d Introduction to the history of Christianity/ Dowley, Tim

270 L359h v 1 & 2 History of Christianity/ Latourette, Kenneth Scott

270 N865h  A History of the Church: From Pentecost to Present/ North, James

270 O98m The Oxford Illustrated History of Christianity/ McManners, Edi. John  [Contains lots of visual aids and pictures]

270 S754g God’s Peoples: A social history of Christians/ Spickard, Paul R.

270 Y34e The Expansion of Christianity/ Yates, Timothy

270.02 C978o The 100 most important events in Christian history/ Curtis. A. Kenneth  [Very useful resource on different events]

270.02 H243c Charts of Ancient Church History/ Hannah, John D.

270.092 B255w Who’s who in Church History/ Barker, William P.

270.092 O58 131Christians Everyone Should Know/ Christian History Magazine  [Very useful resource on specific leaders and people in the Church]

270.1 D252b The Baker History of the Church: The Birth Of the Church/ Davidson, IvorD.

270.1 D252p The Baker History of the Church: A Public Path/ Davidson, Ivor D.