Have a Need?

What better way to help each other, than to find out what practical needs we each have, and see how we can help. Either by offering our items to each other at reasonable prices, or volunteering our time to mow someone's yard.

One man's extras is another man's treasure!

Lot's of our students have found that using New Hope Christian College's iNeed online database can help them get some extra money for things they no longer need. Now is the time to look through your closets and storage rooms and see what you really don't need. Not only can you get extra money, you can help out another student at the same time!

Ministry Needs

You can also find opportunities where you can turn your spare time into meaningful contributions to God's Kingdom. Many ministries use iNeed to list openings and volunteer opportunities in their areas. You can contact the leaders though iNeed and get involved right away!

You Control Information

You can post your needs, or your items for sale to our iNeed private database without publicly revealing your identity. After you decide to accept an offer or respond to a need, you have to option at that time to sharing your contact information with the other person. You can also delete the listing at anytime.

We Need You!

We need your help! Are you looking for a new employee? Do you have a room for rent? Or would you just like to do a good deed for someone?

Here's how you can help:

  • Look through our iNeed postings for items that you could provide assistance with.
  • Post your job, your rental, or your skill in our database, so that those in need can connect with you.

*iNeed is reserved for private individuals and ministry postings. We are sorry but we can't list commercial ads at this time.

Just Added

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Ministry Needs

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