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Typical Costs (2013-2014 School Year)

New Hope Christian College is one of the most affordable Christian Colleges on the West Coast.

The following is the average yearly cost for a typical dormitory student. Add to this the cost of books, supplies, travel expenses, private lessons, independent studies, and personal needs.

Typical Annual Cost: $21,260

Steps Full Time Student Cost Breakdown
(Per Semester)

Tuition: $6,760
General Fees: $615
Room & Board: $3,255
Total: $10,630

This figure represents an average cost for a traditional undergraduate. Other expenses may apply for a special circumstance.

Fee Information (per Semester)
Tuition (per hour): $520
Audit (per hour): $100
Independent Study Fee (per hour): $120
Private Lessons: $399

Room & Board:
Dorm Room - Shared: $3,255
Dorm Room - Single: $3,655
Full Time: $615
Half-Time: $465