NHCC Annual Thanksgiving Outreach | 2011

A chilly morning.  Serving warm baked potato, baked ham, and green beans.  Talking to people.  An atmosphere of hope, peace, and family.  This is not your typical college student’s day of activity. However, this was the activity for many New Hope Christian College students recently.

On November 19, 2011, a group of NHCC students and staff helped out with the annual Thanksgiving Outreach at Eugene, Oregon’s WOW Hall.  This was a collaboration as the NHCC students and staff worked with Dave Robertson and his ministry in feeding the homeless, but more importantly sharing the Gospel.

“This is a team effort!” shouted one of the students as he was serving food.

Many students helped out-from serving food, to passing out cookies, to even talking to people.

“[I noticed] a lot of students had an easier time just jumping into conversation with people.  It looked natural.  There were so many hurting people and they just wanted to talk and have company—and we were able to help in that,” said Anthony Argueta, NHCC student.

For the NHCC student, it was a full day of serving and ministering to homeless and sharing the Gospel.  Their actions definitely helped people no matter what great or small things they did for the outreach.

“Putting green beans on someone’s plate, offering one plate of food, or engaging in conversation … it can change someone’s life … might seem corny, but it’s true,” said Argueta.

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