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Respect is honoring the worth and dignity of all people.  Treating others the way we ourselves want to be treated, with fairness and courtesy.


Integrity is trustworthiness, honesty, and uprightness of character.  People of integrity are valued because you know what to expect from them.  We want people with integrity as our friends, on our teams and in our organizations.


Loyalty is a commitment and faithfulness to a person or cause.  Those who are loyal to their family, friends, organizations, and country stand behind and support them during good and bad times.


Those who accept responsibility are reliable, dependable and willing to take accountability for who they are and what they do.  They believe they have a moral obligation to help others and to contribute to the society they live in.


This is a set of principles that drive & guide your behavior and defines your character. These give you structure and purpose by helping you determine what is meaningful and important to you.  It helps you express who you are and what you stand for.

  • Personal Value: Who are you?  What traits do you see as worth aspiring to and that define your character?
  • Spiritual Value: What do you believe?  What is that deep desire you feel for a purpose to believe in something beyond our material existence?
  • Family Value: How were you loved and cared for?  How will you choose to love and care for the Lord, your spouse, your children, your parents, and your friends?
  • Educational & Career Value: What are you going to be when you “grow up”?  What will be the best use and expression of your talents and skills for the purpose of contributing to society and for monetary compensation?

New Hope Athletics…..Let us help you to release your dreams!